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We built Sparrow to combine different tools that event marketers often use to execute their marketing plans in one intuitive platform. Sparrow goes beyond the spreadsheet and becomes your central hub for all things marketing — from an event dashboard to a CRM, to project management, marketing automation, and more.

Let's dive in!

This guide is a work in progress, and Sparrow has many features to explore. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out on our client Slack Channel.

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pageBuilding an Event

Key Features

Events: Event Dashboard

The central hub for all of your event marketing. Quickly reference key event information, store images and documents, track metrics, budgets, and contacts, and automate marketing assets. Sparrow’s other main modules are designed to work in relation to your events — for example, various expenses can be assigned to an event. Learn more:


My Tasks: Your day-to-day to-do list

Executing the marketing of a show is about planning and organizing smaller tasks that all add up to a comprehensive plan. Here you can view all your upcoming tasks and track the tasks you have assigned to someone else. Advanced features include automating your show tasks and creating groupings of tasks that can be initiated at any time. Learn more:


Contacts: Track media, street team, agents & more.

There are many people outside of your organization that are involved in promoting a concert: Street Team, Media, Agents and Managers, Sponsors, and more. Here you can store all their contact information, and notes, and track what shows they are helping on. You can also store requests (e.g. a media coverage request) and track their status ("Pending", "Confirmed" or "Denied"). Learn more:

pageCRM (Contacts/Companies)

Automations: Pre-built marketing automations

Sparrow comes with pre-built tools to make your marketing faster and more efficient. Create marketing plans, adpacks, research artists, create graphics, and more with just a click of a few buttons. Learn more:


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