Connecting Prism

Step 1 - Log into Prism

From your browser, log into your Prism account.

Since Sparrow uses your accounts credentials to integrate, please make sure you have access to view and edit all events, venues, and settings.

Step 2 - Open up your browsers "Inspect" tools

Left-click with your mouse and click on "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" in the menu.

Step 3 - Click on "Console"

In the panel that appears, click "Console" along the top menu bar.

Step 4 - Copy your API key

In the console, copy and paste the following and hit Enter to copy your API Key to your clipboard.

clear();let apiKey="Here's the Prism API Key: " + localStorage.getItem('token');copy(apiKey);console.log("Copied to your clipboard! Paste this in an email to your Sparrow rep. \n\n" + apiKey);

Step 5 - Paste your API Key to your Account Manager

Your API key is now copied to your clipboard. Paste that into an email to your account manager.

Your API Key should look like a very long string of characters.

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