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Once you select "My Tasks" from the main navigation, you will see your personal profile, along with 4 default sections.


"Upcoming" sorts your personal task list in a simple "Kanban" style format. Here, cards of your tasks are sorted by due date. Each card contains the task name, show it's associated with (if any), and due date.

Click on a task card to see its details. Drag a task card to change its status from "None" to "In Progress" to "Done."

Created Tasks

The "Created" tab shows you tasks that you have created. Here you can filter and search to see the status of of any task that you have create (whether you assigned it to someone else or yourself). Clicking on a task within the list will go to the details.

Task Groups

This section holds some advanced features of Sparrow (covered in detail here).

Within the top Task Groups section, clicking on a Task Group will bring up a list of tasks associated with that specific group. Clicking on a specific task will bring up the details page. Within the Default Task Group section below, clicking on a specific task will bring up the details page.

All Tasks

Similar to the "Upcoming" section, the "Admin Tools" area presents tasks in a "Kanban"-style card view, sorted by status. However, rather than just your tasks, you can see, filter and search ALL upcoming assigned tasks across all users in Sparrow. You can filter by category, team member, and more.

Looking to see all the tasks for one specific event? Navigate to that event in the "Events" section and click the "Task" tab to see all the tasks associated with that event. Clicking into a task goes to its details page.

Managing Your Tasks

Navigating to "My Tasks" in the main navigation brings you directly to your personalized task list. Here, you will see all upcoming tasks in a convenient "Kanban" style card view (similar to Trello if you've ever used it). This allows you to see quick information — such as task name, event information, & due dates — at a glance while sorting what is in your backlog versus in progress versus done.

Viewing, Searching & Filtering Your Task List

From the "Upcoming" tab in My Tasks, you will see your upcoming task list. Here, you will see key information about each task on their respective "card":

  • Associated Event: If the task is associated with an event, the name will be automatically listed on the card, for example "Beyonce - Send eblast".

    • Each task can be associated with multiple events. If more than 3 events are associated with the task, the card will show the number of events associated with it, for example: "5 shows - Send eblast"

    • If the task is not associated with an event, just the name will be displayed.

  • Task Name: The name of the task will be listed on the card.

  • Due Date: The due date of the task is listed on the card. Items marked 🟨 are upcoming, while items marked đŸŸĨ are overdue.

Tip: To keep clutter at a minimum, only tasks with due dates show up in your "Upcoming" list.

Searching for a task: The search box in your "Upcoming" view allow you to search by event, task name or due date in real time. Deleting your search from the search box or pressing the x inside of it resets the search.

Updating a Task Status

Sparrow tasks can have one of 3 statuses:

  • None - The default status, also known as a "backlog"

  • In progress - Items that are currently being worked on, or soon to be worked on

  • Done - Items that are finished. Note that "Done" tasks will disappear from your "Upcoming" list if they have no been edited within 24 hours.

There are 3 main ways to update the status:

  1. In the Kanban-style view, change the status by dragging the cards into a new column

  2. In the task detail view, click the "Mark Done" action button.

  3. In the task detail view, click the "Tasks" tab > "Quick Edit" > "Status".

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