Detail Pages

Anywhere that you see a task in Sparrow, clicking into it will show the task details page. Here you will find detailed information about the task.

Details Tab

  • Status - Displays if the task has an "In Progress" or "Done" status.

  • Task - The task title and associated show

  • Due - Due date

  • Details - This contains key editable details about the task. To edit any of these sections click the Edit button in the top right corner.

    • Title - The name of the task (without the associated show)

    • Description - Detailed information about the show. Can include rich text (e.g. links, bold/italics, checkboxes, etc)

    • Category - The category associated with the task (for filtering and additional options)

    • Show - The show associated with the task (if any)

The "Edit" button in the top right allows you to edit fields within the "Details" section.

Settings Menu

This expandable menu contains additional settings you can edit, such as changing due dates or deleting the task.

Chat Tab

Allows you to leave notes on the task, tag team members and upload files. Clicking follow allows you to be notified when the chat gets updated.

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