Create Graphics


This automation takes pre-defined image templates and creates a set of graphics specific to the event.

Set Up

Your account manager will work with you to create your graphic templates. They will need a layered PSD to copy into the automation.

Included in Plans

Pro, Enterprise

Additional Information

  • Graphics can be imported into the main event record by selecting the dropdown in the top left corner of the image.

  • Toggle "Advanced Settings" for additional options:

    • Custom Image - Use a custom image instead of the Press Photo

    • Custom Event Name - Use a custom event name instead of the regular Evenr Name or Headliner

  • The mapping of the graphic automation is as follows:

    • Event Name → Info > "Headliner" or "Event Name" (if Headliner is blank)

    • Support → Info > "Support" (you can use a custom preposition, such as "with" or "featuring")

    • Image → Assets > "Press Photo"

    • Date → Info > "Event Date"

    • Additional supported fields → See our “Merge Tags” documentation

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