Automations Overview

Sparrow is built on an open platform and has a developing automation platform to help event marketers work faster and with less errors.

Automations come in two forms: Passive automations are ways for Sparrow to ingest information automatically, such as event info, ticket counts, advertising spends, etc. Active automations are triggered within the platform to create event assets, such as marketing plans, internal tasks, graphics, etc.

Tip: Since many users’ needs are different, automations are built with a lot of flexibility in mind. Your account manager will be hands-on in building out each automation to suit your needs.

Active Automations

There are automations that Active automations can be built in two areas:

  • In the main navigation click Automations or

  • Within an event, click the three dots next to the Tasks tab and select Automations

Once you are in the automations panel, you can click + Add New to create a new automation.

Passive Automations



Prism can currently send the following fields over into Sparrow:

  • Event Name

  • Headliner

  • Support

  • Event Date

  • Announce Date/Time

  • On Sale Date/Time

  • Projected Attendance - As a sum of all “estimated ticket sales” within Prism

A sync to Sparrow is initiated on these actions within Prism:

  • Confirm

  • Unconfirm

  • Delete

Please Note: Currently a sync from Prism to Sparrow is cast only when one of the above events occur. If, for example, a show date changes in Prism, you must unconfirm/reconfirm it to re-sync to Sparrow.


The setup uses webhooks cast from Prism to communicate with Sparrow. To set up, simply follow these steps and ask your account manager if you have any questions.

  1. Log into Prism and head over to the User Menu > Settings > Web Integrations

  2. Scroll down to “Webhooks”, click “Add Webhook”. A popup will appear. Enter the information for each point on the list below and click “Save”:

    Webhook Name = sparrow_confirm
    Webhook Action = Event Confirmed
    Webhook URL =
    Webhook Name = sparrow_delete
    Webhook Action = Event Deleted
    Webhook URL =
    Webhook Name = sparrow_unconfirm
    Webhook Action = Event Unconfirmed
    Webhook URL =

The final results should look like this:

Once completed, please let your account manager know to test the integration.


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