Creating a Task

You can create a new task from two main locations:

  1. Within "My Tasks" > "Upcoming", click the blue "+ Add New" button.

  2. Within "Events", click a specific show > "Task" and click the blue "+ Add New" button.

Quick Create Task

  1. Click the "+ Add New" button

  2. Enter who the task is assigned to and a title.

  3. Optionally select a description, category and show

  4. Select a due date

  5. Click "Save"

New Task Fields Details

  • Who is this assigned to (required) - Select the person who you wish to assign the task to.

    • Note that multiple team members can be assigned to one task. However, since they share a single task, the status will update for ALL team members anytime the status changes.

  • Name (required) - The task title. Do not include the show name.

  • Description - An optional description of the task or place to keep notes. Rich text is allowed, including section headers, quotes, links, bold, italics, lists and checklists.

Want to create sub-tasks? Use the checkbox feature in the "description" field.

  • Category - Select a category for filtering purposes and some additional advanced options (e.g. for Advertising)

  • Event - The event(s) that this task is associated with. Selecting this opens new options:

    • Relative due date - This allows you to set deadlines as a number of days before/after certain key show and task milestones:

      • The task creation date

      • The show announce date

      • The show on sale date

      • The show date

  • Due Date - The date that the task is due

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