Chrome Extension: Event Finder

Quickly search events in your market with our simple extension for Google Chrome.

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  • Search for concerts in a specific city during a specific date or time range.

  • Download all events as a CSV.

  • Preset a specific city

  • (coming soon) Pre-populate the date by clicking a date in the Prism calendar view


  • Booking teams - Quickly cross reference holds for competing events.

  • Marketing teams - See competing events that might affect sales.

  • Everyone - Go see more live music! See what's happening in your time.


Downloading & Installing



Version: 0.0.1 Last updated: 01-05-2024 View Github for the latest info.


Step 1: Extract the Extension Files

  1. Locate the Downloaded .zip File: Find the .zip file of the Chrome extension you've downloaded.

  2. Extract the File: Right-click on the .zip file.

    • If you're using Windows, select "Extract All..." and then choose where you want to extract the files.

    • If you're on a Mac, you can simply double-click the .zip file to extract it.

  3. Remember the Extracted Location: Note the folder where you extract the files, as you will need to access this folder later.

Step 2: Enable Developer Mode in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Go to Extensions Page: Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the Chrome browser, go to "More tools", and then select "Extensions". Alternatively, you can type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter.

  3. Enable Developer Mode: On the top right of the Extensions page, you’ll see a toggle switch for “Developer mode”. Click to turn it on.

Step 3: Load the Unpacked Extension

  1. Click on 'Load Unpacked': On the Extensions page, with Developer Mode enabled, you'll see a button labeled “Load unpacked”. Click on it.

  2. Select the Extension Folder: Navigate to the folder where you extracted the Chrome extension files. Select the folder (not the individual files) and click “Select Folder” (or just “Open” depending on your operating system).

Using the Extension

Opening the Extension

  1. Click on the "Event Finder" icon in your Chrome browser's toolbar. It's usually located in the upper right corner of the browser window.

  2. A popup window will appear. This is the main interface of the "Event Finder" extension.

Searching for Events

  1. Enter a City: In the popup window, you'll see a text field labeled "City." Enter the name of the city where you want to find events.

  2. Select a Start Date: Next, select a start date for your event search. This is the date from which you want to begin looking for events.

  3. (Optional) Add an End Date: If you want to search for events within a specific date range, click on the "Add End Date »" link. This will reveal an end date field. Select your desired end date.

  4. Search: Once you have entered the city and dates, click the "Search Events" button to initiate the search.

Viewing Search Results

  1. After clicking "Search Events," the extension will display a list of events matching your criteria.

  2. Each event card in the results will show the event's name, an image thumbnail, the venue, and the date.

  3. If there are more than 50 results, you will see a Load More option that allows you to load up to 50 more events.

Downloading Event Data

  1. If you wish to download the list of events, click the "Download all to CSV" link located below the search results.

  2. This will download a CSV file containing the event details to your computer.

  1. Access Settings: To customize your experience, click the cog icon located in the lower right corner of the form.

  2. Settings:

    1. Default City - This will pre-populate the city field with your city.

    2. Prism Integration (coming soon) - This will pre-populate the date with the date you click on in the Prism calendar view.

  3. Enter your settings and click "Save" to update your settings.

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